Spotify, an online music provider delivers content via an internet connection to the subscriber’s computer, TV, or mobile device. Spotify lets you play a song, playlist, or album on repeat. This can be particularly useful if you want to keep on listening to your favorite music again. 

Spotify Repeat Icon

How to Repeat on Spotify_1
Source: Spotify

To activate the Spotify Repeat feature, look out for the Spotify symbol which portrays two arrows pointing in the opposite direction. 

Repeating a Song, Album, or Playlist

When you click the Spotify repeat button, the album or playlist where the current song is being played will be repeated. The icon will be highlighted when repeat mode is enabled. 

How to Repeat on Spotify_1
Source: Spotify Community

If you click it again, number 1 will appear. This symbolizes that Spotify will repeat the selected song rather than the album or playlist. To disable repeat mode collectively, tap the icon for the third time. Then, it won’t be highlighted. 

Enabling and Disabling Shuffle Play

When you’re listening to a Spotify album or playlist, you can choose between the following options:- 

  • Listening to songs in the order that they were added 
  • Randomized order 

To change between the two options, tap on the Shuffle button (two arrows crossing one another). 

Songs will be played in a randomized order when Shuffle Mode is enabled. There are different options available for enabling or disabling shuffle play. It depends on your Spotify Plan. 

Learning Spotify Symbol Meanings

If you’re new to Spotify or use other apps to listen to music, the symbols can be quite confusing. If you’re using a PC, hover your mouse over the icon to learn more about it. You can also go through Spotify’s online manual which includes video tutorials regarding the different symbols. 

Resolving issues with Spotify 

If you are facing difficulties with Spotify’s functionality don’t worry. There are many methods to contact them, including:

  • Filling an online form to access chat or email support. 
  • Spotify’s Twitter handle.  
  • Check the online forum to connect with experienced users facing similar issues.