Managing a bunch of people on a Zoom video conferencing call can be difficult, especially when their mics are unmuted. It can create disruptive noises and cause a delay in the meeting. Therefore, muting all of the participants at once can be a useful option.  

Hosts Only

On Zoom, only hosts can mute everyone during a conference call. When you mute everyone, it turns off their microphones so you can’t hear them. However, the video stream remains unaffected. The host can choose whether participants can unmute themselves.

How to Mute and Unmute everyone on Zoom?

The following set of instructions work on PC, Mac, web, and tablet versions of Zoom. However, the interface elements can be in slightly different locations than the screenshots provided here.

  1. Open Zoom. Click on “Participants” or “Manage Participants” from the toolbar. 
Click Participants in Zoom Toolbar
  1. Find the “Mute All” tab from the Participants list. Click on it.
Click Mute All in Zoom
  1. A confirmation message will pop-up informing you that all participants will be muted. Tick the “Allow Participants To Unmute Themselves” tab if you want each participant to be able to unmute themselves. Then click on “Continue.”
Warning dialog that all participants will be muted in Zoom
  1. To verify that all participants have been muted, look at the Participants list, you will see  crossed-out microphone icons next to everyone who is currently muted.
Icon showing that someone is muted in Zoom
  1. If you’d like to unmute everyone at once, tap the “Unmute All” button in the Participants list.
Click Unmute All in Zoom
  1. There will be a pop-up message confirming that all participants have been unmuted.
All participants have been unmuted message in Zoom