Apple watch is sensational, but the working of it, is something that takes time to get accustomed to.

There are not more than three-four moves that you can do on it. And on the combinations, of these 3-4 moves, Apple watch has its entire functionality structured.

So, just go along with the guide to get a better grasp of the functioning of the Apple watch.

How to open apps from the Home Screen in a grid manner?

Step 1: To open up all the apps on your Apple watch in a grid manner, you have to touch the app icon, or turn the digital crown if you are already on the home screen.

Home Screen in grid view on Apple Watch, with apps in a cluster. Tap an app to open it. Drag to see more apps.

How to open up apps on Apple watch in a list view?

Step 2: To open the app in the list view, first turn the Digital Crown, then tap an app.
Home Screen in list view on Apple Watch, with apps in a list. Tap an app to open it. Scroll to see more apps.

How to return to the Home Screen from an app?

Step 1: Push the Digital Crown once.

Step 2: Then, again push theDigital Crown, to move to the watch face. 

Though, if you are viewing apps in grid manner, hit the watch icon icon on the Home Screen.

How To quickly open the last app you used while viewing another app, or the watch face?

Step 1: Double press the Digital Crown.

How to open any app from the Dock?

Step 1:  First, push the side button on your Apple watch, then turn the Digital Crown.

Step 2: Scroll through the apps.

Step 3: Tap the app you want to open.

Dock showing the Music app with an All Apps button below. Turn the Digital Crown to see more apps. Tap one to open it.

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How to Choose See recently used apps to appear in the Dock?

Step 1: Launch open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Select “My Watch”.

Step 3: Select “Dock”. 

Step 4: Select “Recents”.

Note:  The app will appear on the dock, in the order they were opened. The most recently opened app will appear first, and then the rest will follow.

How to select your favorite apps to appear in the Dock?

Step 1: Launch open the Apple Watch app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Then, select “My Watch”. 

Step 3: Hit “Dock”. 

Step 4: Select “Favorites”

Step 5: Hit, “Edit”. 

Step 6: Select the Plus button icon, next to all the apps that you want to add.

Step 7:Lastly, drag the Reorder icon icon to align the apps according to priority.

The Timer app screen in the Dock, with the Keep in Dock button below it.

How to Force Close Apps on the Apple Watch?

Step 1: First, press the side button and hold it until the shut down screen appears on the dock.

Step 2: Then, press the digital crown and hold it, until the app closes.

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