YouTube’s flash videos can be downloaded and converted into various types of file formats. For making a YouTube screensaver, use software applications that will convert YouTube Flash videos into screensavers for your computer. You can choose your favorite screensaver for your Youtube videos. It is available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

However, before you start converting YouTube videos, it’s always a good idea to make enough memory in your system to avoid delays while Flash video screensaver runs on your desktop.

If you’re interested in a youtube screensaver, follow the steps ahead:

  1. Download  “” from chrome.
  2. Extract the same via a right click and you will get a “YouTube Screensaver.scr”.
  3. Right-click on the “YouTube Screensaver.scr” and click “Install”.
How to install
  1. After successful installation, a “Screen Saver Settings” dialog box opens.
Screen Saver Settings dialog box
  1. In the “Screen Saver Settings” dialog box, press the “Settings” button to open the “YouTube Screensaver Settings” dialog box.
YouTube Screensave dialog box
  1. Enter the URL (e.g. in the “URL of YouTube videos”. You can enter up to five.
  2. Many options can be selected such as “Volume (0 to 100)”, “Shuffle play” and “Fit the video size inside the screen”.
  3. If you want to control the play or pause bottom of the video, you can scroll to the bottom of your screen while the youtube screensaver is running.
  4. To exit the YouTube Screensaver, press the key on the keyboard.
  5.  If you want to uninstall the YouTube Screensaver, tap delete on the “YouTube Screensaver.scr” option.