Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to curate their thoughts into “tweets.” Registered users can post, like, or retweet the tweets. However, unregistered users can only read them. The platform also permits users to participate in social networking groups, better known as “twibes”. Anyone with a valid Twitter account can join the conversation through web applications like,,, or All of them help you search for groups to join.

How to Join Twitter Groups

  • The web applications mentioned above allows you to search for content by using specific keywords. It helps you to join generalized conversation groups. Pick one app that suits you best. 
  • Sign up for the app. It involves signing in to your Twitter account through the app’s website. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the app. Now, you can enter a group, denoted by a hashtag “#” sign.
  • You can now read other people’s posts and type in your response. You should remember that some apps may keep you updated on current postings but may not allow you to reply directly through the app.