The blue tick on social media is a matter of pride for most social media users. Having one makes you no less than a celebrity of sorts. Facebook is well-aware of its user choices and offers such an alternative to Facebook customers.

There are three types of verified accounts on Facebook- verified Profiles verified Pages and verified pages with a grey tick. 

Verified profiles are profiles that have passed all cross-checks through Facebook’s team and have been verified as the actual profiles of the public figures they claim to be. Similarly, verified pages are the pages that Facebook has verified to show what they claim. Grey tick verification is used for local businesses’ verification. However, there’s a chance that Facebook may drop the latter anytime soon.

How to get a blue tick on your Facebook profile

  1. Note the pre-requisites for a blue tick verification beforehand: profile photo, cover photo, username in the format set by Facebook, content on the profile, and follow option enabled (However, if you’re not a public figure, media house or any such organization or business you might not get verified)
  1.  To request verification click on this link and fill in the form. If you’re trying to verify yourself as a person you’d need a government-issued photo Id. if you’re trying to verify your organisation you’d need utility bills etc. Also, Facebook expects you to answer some basic questions one of which is ‘why Facebook should verify your account.’ 
  1. Facebook policies are opaque and so you’d have to wait to see if you get verified or not

Here you go!

Happy scrolling.