Not happy with a recent Uber ride? While there is no guarantee of a refund, if Uber agrees with your dispute they will issue a partial or even a full refund for your ride. Follow the steps below to issue a dispute for one of your Uber rides:

1. Open your Uber App.

2. Tap the Menu. It will be in the upper left hand corner of your screen, and it is symbolized with 3 lines.

3. Tap ‘Your Trips’

4. Select ‘Past’ from the dropdown menu. If it’s already selected, than no need to change it.

5. Tap on the trip you’d like to dispute.

7. Tap ‘Review my fare or fees’

8. Select the issue that occurred on the trip. In order to file a dispute and get a refund, there will have to be a reason to have the fare reviewed. Select from one of the options provided.

8. You’re done! You may have to fill out some additional information based on what the issue was, but that will be it. Uber will notify you regarding your refund when they’ve made a decision.