The captions feature enables you to configure closed captions display options. It also allows you to view customizable closed captioning for the programs you watch. 

Steps for enabling closed captioning option on Sling TV 

  1. Tap the “OK” button on the remote while watching a program
  2. Tap on the “Closed Caption” icon on the overlay
  1. Closed captioning will be displayed on your screen whenever it’s available

In case the closed captioning is not working: 

  1. Press the sling button on the remote to open “My TV” screen
  1. Navigate to the “Sling Settings” option
  1. Select “Closed Captions” from the left side of the screen 
  1. Select “Service Channel” and then enable the CC-1 option. It automatically saves changes (if any)

Enabling captions for Air Channels

  1. Click on the “Captions” option available the “Accessibility” screen
  1. Select “Display” followed by “On”
  1. In case you wish to change the display of the closed captioning, select the “Configure” option
  2. Select the language, text size and text style. Any Changes made will be saved automatically