Listening to favorite tunes relaxes most people. However, most find it exasperating to rely on the internet every time they feel like listening to a song. Spotify has overcome the user issue by allowing around 3,333 downloaded songs on user devices. Using this functionality, you can listen to your favorite songs in offline mode. You can download songs on a maximum of three devices. That makes a total of 9,999 songs. 

To download and listen to music easily, Spotify requires the user to sign in at least once every 30 days.

To get started with a premium account: –

  • Visit Spotify’s website or 
  • Click on your name at the top of the app. Then, select Account to upgrade your account.

Downloading a New Playlist

  • First, create a new playlist by clicking on the New Playlist icon. Give your playlist a name and press Enter.
  • Search for your favorite songs. You can search by song or artist.
  • Drag the desired song into the new playlist. Add all the songs you would like to download.
  • Open the new playlist by clicking its name. Tap on the Available Offline Toggle. Doing so will start downloading the songs immediately. A green toggle means that the song is downloaded. A gray toggle means that you can listen to that song when you have an internet connection.  

Downloading Songs on Another Device

  • Open Spotify on another device. To download the same songs as on the first device, click on “Playlists and then select the desired playlist. You can download the same songs or different songs on up to three devices.
  • Click on the Available Offline Toggle. Then, the songs in that playlist are automatically downloaded to your second device.