Microsoft Outlook is the standard app in the Microsoft bundle for all email related tasks, and it comes as the default app for email. However, if you want to swap Outlook out for another email app, you will need to change the default app in both your computer and web browser(s). 

Here’s how you can change the default settings:

Steps to disable Microsoft outlook

  1. Click on windows or start at the bottom left corner
  1. Go to settings and open the control panel. Select internet options here
  1. Click on the email title, you’ll find that outlook is the default app. From the drop-down menu on the screen select the app that you want to use for email-related tasks
  1. Open your browser and select the options or internet options menu. it is often located under tools
  1. Select programs and then internet programs
  2. Choose to set your default program, scroll through the various programs and select the one you want to use. Names in the browser menu may differ a bit from what you know them to be, but finding your program should not be very difficult