Your printer history includes a long list of active print jobs, documents that have either been canceled or paused while printing, and other successfully printed documents. Some users may want to delete printer history to avoid confusion and reprinting previously printed documents. Here’s a guide to deleting your printer history. 

1. Hover over to the ‘Control Panel’ in the Startup Menu.

2. Open the Control Panel.

3. Tap and open the ‘Hardware and Sound’ Section.

 4. Open ‘Devices and Printer’ Section.

5. Here you can find the list of all printers and equipments connected to your device.

6.Select your Printer you wish to delete the history of. 

7. Select your printer and move across the menu at top of the window and select ‘See What’s Printing’.

8. Select the document you wish to delete. 

9. Tap Cancel and then click on the yes button to confirm the process. 

10. Press yes and your printer history will be deleted