Alexa is everyone’s secret keeper. The wonderful AI technology lets you record conversations and go back to them whenever you feel a bit nostalgic or need details from those conversations. However, you never know who might be listening in on your conversation recordings, which may make some users a little frightened or embarrassed. 

However, you can save yourself from this hassle. With a few clicks, you can delete your Alexa’s voice history. And if you’re worried about deleting an important conversation, you can also listen to your conversations before deleting them.

Follow the steps below to delete your Amazon Alexa Voice History

1.  Log into your Amazon account.

2.  Tap “Accounts and lists” (in the top-right corner). Under the tab, click “Alexa Privacy and Review Voice History”. 

That’s the place where you can see and listen to all your voice recordings.

3.  Click on any one of those recordings to either listen or delete. 

4.  You can also delete everything at once. Check out the top of the list for the same and you can delete recordings all at once. 

Enabling Alexa to delete recordings automatically 

Click on the “Enable deletion by Voice” tab. Now, anyone can delete their recent conversation with Alexa by simply saying “Alexa, delete what I just said” or by saying “Alexa, delete everything I said today”.

P.S. To hear recordings before deleting them, tap on the play button next to the recordings. There you go. Now you can hear all your conversations with Alexa.