If you have decided to add some new people to Facebook, you should check for the past activities that are a little embarrassing, or might not sit well with your new friends.

As nothing dies on Facebook, you have to actively delete your activities, instead of hoping people to be civil and not dig your Facebook profile for some dirt. Just follow the given below guide and you will be able to clear the Facebook activity in less than 60 seconds.

How to clear your Activity Log on Facebook via Pac or Mac?

Step 1: Open up the Facebook website and log into your account.

Step 2: Click on the downward arrow to open up the menu. And from the menu select, “Activity Log”.

Step 3: Then, scroll through the list of items, and for the item that you want to delete from the activity log, click on the pencil icon.

Step 4: Next, Delete Unlike or Unfriend or hide depending on your requirement.

Note: In case you want to clear the Facebook Search History, click, “More”. Select, “Search History” from the menu on the left side. And click, “Clear Searches” to clear the Facebook Search History.

Bonus Video: how to delete stories activity on Facebook

How do I clear my activity log on Facebook on the mobile app iPhone?

Step 1: Open up the Facebook app on your phone, and log into your account.

Step 2: Click on the hamburger menu on the screen.

Step 3: From the menu select, “Settings & privacy.”

Step 4: Tap “Settings.”

Step 6: Now, under the “Your information” section and select “Activity log.”

Step 7: A list of activities will open up on your screen, with the option to manage them. Select that activity and delete it.

Bonus Video: How to Clear Facebook Activity History! (Quick & Easy)