You can surf all your favorite videos through YouTube. If you enjoy a particular user’s video uploads, then you might have subscribed to that channel. Subscribing to user’s channels displays lists of their uploaded videos and trending videos on the YouTube homepage. However, if your interests change with time and you no longer want to see the uploads, you can unsubscribe from the channel easily. 

  1. Open Youtube.
  2. Click the downward-arrow icon beside your username in the menu bar on top of the page.
  1. Click the “Subscriptions” button in the gray toolbar. This displays recent video uploads for each of your subscriptions on the main part of the page.
  2. Go through the list, and find the subscription that you want to remove.
  3. Click on the username you want to remove and you will be directed to the user’s channel.
  4. Tap the “Unsubscribe” button to the right of the YouTube username that you want to remove
  1. Click the radio button to select the unsubscribe option.
  2. Click the “update” button.

That’s it. You are done!