For most years, Spotify has held the crown as top music streaming player globally. Here’s a few reasons why – Spotify playlists are always easy to edit, delete and move to another destination. 

With time our preferences change, and so does our music taste. So you might be want to delete a few songs from your collection or playlist. 

Follow the steps below to remove songs either using a PC or the mobile app. 

Removing songs on a  PC 

  • Go through your saved songs in “Songs”, “Albums”, “Artist”, or “Playlists”. Saved songs are indicated by checkmarks. 
  • Hover over the checkmark until it becomes an X. Then, click on it to delete the song from your collection. Remember this does not remove the song from the playlist. 
  • To remove a song from a Spotify Playlist, right-click on the song in the playlist. Select “Remove from this playlist”. This does not affect other playlists, nor does it affect your saved music collection. 
  1. To delete songs stored locally on your computer (from Spotify), follow the steps below:- 
  • Select “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu. 
  • Scroll down to the “Local Files” tab. 
  • Click on the ON/OFF toggle beside the source you wish to remove. 

Using a Mobile App

  • Tap on the dotted option. 

Click on “Remove”. 

To remove a song from a playlist:

  • Select that playlist and click on the dotted option above the playlist name. 
  • Click on “Edit”. 
  • Select the red “Delete” icon next to the song name. Deleting a song from a specific playlist doesn’t affect other playlists or your saved collection.  

That’s it, you are good to go!