Microsoft Office applications cannot save another application’s file as a native document. Since Microsoft office comes with all applications combined, there is hardly any need to save a file in another application. However, applications like Microsoft Project which are not as common do have some degree of overlap with other applications. 

Microsoft Project offers the option of saving a file with an excel extension so those who do not have access to Microsoft Project can access the file nevertheless. 

If you want to convert your Microsoft Project file to Microsoft Excel, here’s how you can do it:

Steps to convert Microsoft Project file to Microsoft Excel

  1. Double click on your Project file
  1. Click on file at the top of the screen (Project 2003 or earlier), or click on windows at the top left (project 2007)
  1. Choose the save as option (project 2003 and earlier) or save as and other files option (project 2007)
  1. Click the arrow next to save file type as and select excel (.xls) from the drop down menu that appears
  1. Select the location for your file, change the name if you want to, and click on the save button