At times, working from home can get tiring and boring. Putting an attractive and engaging virtual background can help to brighten things up. Here’s how!

Changing Background on Zoom

Using the settings menu, you can hide and replace your original background environment with a video or photo.

  1. Click on the up-arrow next to “Stop Video.” Then, select “Choose Virtual Background” from the menu. 
Click the up arrow, and then click "Choose Virtual Background."
  1. Then, you’ll see a few background videos (those with a Video Camera icon at the bottom left) and photos that you can use as a background.
The "Choose a Virtual Background" menu.
  1. To use your photo or video, click on the plus sign (+) above the provided images and videos.
Click the plus sign (+) to add your own image or video background.
  1. Now, file Explorer (or Finder on a Mac) will open. Browse and select the image or video you want to set as your background. Then, the selected photo/video will appear as an option under the “Choose Virtual Background” window.

Which Videos or Images Can You Use?

There are a few factors considering which you can check which types of virtual backgrounds you can use on your computer. The main factor is the specs on your PC or Mac. Use an image that has a resolution equal to or higher than the webcam’s resolution.

If you’re unsure of your camera’s resolution, you can check it online. You just have to give them access to your camera, and then click a button to see the results.

Click "Check Webcam Resolution" at

You can find other factors on Zoom’s website. 

Choosing an Image or Video

You can find many interesting and attractive backgrounds online. E.g. a company named “Budget Direct” has turned a scene from the famous cartoon series “Sailor Moon to Rick and Morty” into real-life backgrounds.

Finn in his bedroom.

How Finn's bedroom would look in real life. Budget Direct’s version of Finn’s bedroom. Budget Direct

You can also find nice GIFs, like Canva shown below.

A GIF of seven running waterfalls.

However, you’ll need a computer with higher processing power to use a video or GIF as your background. 

P.S. Regardless of all the fun backgrounds, make sure to choose a background that complements your dressing sense and suits the occasion of the video conference.