Your first and last initials act as a pen name for your Yelp profile. It is visible on your profile publicly, displayed alongside any Yelp review you write. So if you have built a good profile on the site you might not want to change your name.

If for any reason you have changed your name and wish to make the same changes on your Yelp username, you can do so by modifying the account settings. 

However, if you are a regular Yelp user be aware of changes that might obscure your identity. 

Follow these steps to change your name on Yelp:

  1. Click on your Yelp profile picture
  1. Select account settings from the pop-up menu that appears
  1. Click on the profile link
  1. Make the changes you wish to make in your first name/ Last Name/nickname
  1. Click save changes when you’re done
  2. In case you changed your first or last name confirm your actions by clicking the “change my real name” option and then click the save option