If you’re experiencing issues with your WiFi speed, sometimes it’s due to too many people on the same WiFi channel in your vicinity. One way to improve this issue is to find a channel that is less crowded.

Although there are some slight differences in steps depending on your provider, we’ve detailed out the steps to change your WiFi for most providers:

1. Enter your router’s IP Address in your web browser. If you’re not sure what your router’s IP Address is, click here for instructions on finding your IP address.

2. Enter your username and password, once you’re prompted to enter your login credentials. 

3. Select ‘Connection’. This will depend on your provider. For some providers, you’ll want to select ‘Advanced Settings’. The example below is for Xfinity.

4. Click edit. Regardless of your provider, there should be an edit button under your WiFi Network. Click on the edit button.

5. Select Manual, and change WiFi channel. Find where your ‘channels’ are located and manually switch the WiFi channel you’d like to switch to.

6. Save the changes to your settings, and you’re done!