The Password for YouTube is the same as your Gmail account, with which you signed for your YouTube account. So, changing the password for YouTube will mean changing the Gmail account.

So, follow the given below guides to change the YouTube password.

How to Change YouTube Password ?

Step 1: Tap on the profile picture visible near the top right. 

Step 2: Select  Manage your Google Account from the popped menu.

Step 3: Select the Security option from the left side menu bar. 

Step 4: Scroll down to the Password section, and click on it.

Step 5: Type in your current password and press Next.

Step 6: Provide a new strong password for your Google account associated with the Youtube account, as changing the password for the google account changes the password for the Youtube. Finally, confirm your new password, and press Change password.

How to Reset Your YouTube Password ?

Step 1: Go to the Google login page, type in your email address, and on the password page, press the Forgot password? button.

Step 2: You’ll be forwarded to the Account recovery page, here provide the last password you remember. Click Next.

Step 3:  In case you cannot remember any of your recent passwords, opt for the Try another way button. Then, you will receive a code on your email or phone number. Enter the received 6-digit code to verify your identity.

Step 4: Finally, provide a new strong password and confirm your decision to create a new password.