Sling TV offers cable channels via your internet without any cable connection. You can also record your favorites. However, most users have complained that Sling TV is too expensive.

In case you wish to cancel your Sling TV subscription, you can do it online. Deleting or uninstalling does not mean your subscription is canceled. 

Follow these steps to cancel your sling subscription:

  1. Visit Sling TV’s account page and login to your account
  1. On your account page click on the “Cancel Subscription” link
  1. Confirm your choice by selecting “Cancel Subscription” in the pop up window that appears 
  2. Click the green toggle button next to your package. In case you have any add ons, repeat the process to cancel each one of them. 
  1. Choose “Cancel All” once it turns blue
  2. Select the reason of your choice to cancel the subscription 
  1. Click on “Confirm my Cancelation”