eBay doesn’t recommend canceling bids since they are a contractual agreement to buy the item if you win. However, under a few circumstances, the online platform allows you to unbid. The only reliable way to remove a bid is to contact the seller directly and ask them to cancel your bid. Moreover, retracting a bid without a qualified reason can lead to account suspension.

Keep all that in mind before bidding for a product.

Allowed Bid Retractions

eBay allows bid retractions under following scenerios:

  1. Accidental bids. E.g. if you bid $100 instead of $10. 
  2. If the seller had done significant changes in the description of the product. 
  3. If you find the seller’s phone number or email address invalid, you can unbid it under the false proposition.

Retraction Time Limits

Retracting bids within 12 hours of the auction may save you from paying cancelation charges. Retracting your bid within the time frame cancels all bids you placed on the item. If you are left with less than 12 hours, you can only retract bids made in the last hour. In cases of live auctions, you can retract absentee bids made in advance, but can’t retract bids made live.

Retract a Bid

  1. Log in and fill out the bid retraction form. 
  2. Enter the item’s number. You find it at the top of the item’s description or in the “Bidding” list on the My eBay page. 
Source: WikiHow
  1. Choose one of the reasons from the drop-down menu. Then, click on the “Retract Bid” button. If you had selected the “Entered wrong amount” reason then, you would have to return to the item’s page and place a new bid immediately after retracting.
Source: WikiHow
Source: WikiHow

Contact the Seller

If your reason for canceling doesn’t fit any of the allowed conditions, contact the seller directly. 

  1. Click on the Ask a Question” tab on the item’s page. 
  2. Choose any question topic to see related FAQs, and then click on “No, I want to contact the seller.” 
Source: WikiHow
  1. If the seller agrees, he can remove your bid by filling out a bid cancellation form. Sellers do not have to agree to remove a bid. However, if you win the auction you must pay the winning bid.

Retracting Best Offer

eBay places similar restrictions on canceling best offers as on canceling bids. If you need to retract an offer for one of the permitted reasons, log in and enter the item number on the best offer cancellation form. It must be remembered, that if the seller has set a maximum number of offers per user, retracting your offer does not grant you an additional offer.