You might be struggling with your voice echoing while on an important call. This is something that has been present ever since we started using cell phones. The reason for this echo is mostly sidetone, because of which you hear your own voice through the phone or else the line appears dead. However, this is being worked on and many cell phones now have inbuilt echo-canceling mechanisms, but these can also malfunction sometimes.

Here’s what you can try to cancel the echo:

  1. Try moving to some other place. Especially when you are in the proximity of varying electronic signals
  2. If you are short on battery try charging your cell phone and clear the running apps. Running so many apps on little battery might be causing the sidetone
  1. If nothing works out, ask the person on the other end to call again later. Hang up the call and switch off your device and then switch it back on. A new call means a new connection, in case the echo is just a fluke it will go away with a new call
  1. If possible, check your phone’s echo cancellation. Turn it off if it’s on and vice versa. If your echo cancelation is off turning it on should resolve the issue. If your echo cancellation is on turning it off might help in case the feature is malfunctioning.