Is your boss disappointed with your recurring, bad internet stories?

And I’m sure, you must have tried it all, ranting on their social media pages, writing long emails with screenshots attached, and as of the last resort, you have also tried threatening to leave their subscription.

But, your internet provider couldn’t care less.

Well, you have played your good samaritan part for a very long time, and you can only pay so much, for so long to someone, who is doing nothing.

Canceling spectrum services has tested the water for a lot of people.

So, you need to brace yourself and prepare for what is going to come your way.

Our well-researched guide will help to see through your desire to cancel Spectrum service.

How do I Cancel Spectrum Cable?

Step 1: First thing first, pick up the phone and dial in,  1-833-780-1880,  that’s the Spectrum customer service line.

Step 2: You won’t reach any representative of Spectrum immediately. 

Before you could reach one of their representatives, you will have to go through the call-filtering process.

You will be asked 4-5 questions. Most of which will have the following as their probable answers :

  1. “Representative”
  2. “Remove Service” or “Cancel Service” (When inquired about the issue)
  3. “Yes” (When inquired that whether you would like to speak with the representative.)

Step 3: After going through all the questions, your call will be transported to the Spectrum representative. This is your moment to shine.

The representative will try to make it hard for you to get rid of the Spectrum services because retaining unhappy clients is a very big part of their job.

So, don’t get irritated with mindless deals and several pitches of too-good-to-be-true, kinda plans. Answer them patiently. 

The following is a list of probable pieces of conversation that you might require to successfully persuade Spectrum representative into canceling their service:

  • When they inquire, why do you want to cancel their services? 

Tell them that you are moving out of the country, or going to practice zen life for a while and no longer feel the need to be connected to the world. I mean pick believable yet surprising reasons, so that you can cut the possible jibber-jabber from the beginning.

No matter how you define yourself, this is the time to go all INTROVERT– If they try to get in all your answers, respond with, “hmm”,  “yeah” and “anhaan”! Just expressions, no words at all.

  • Everyone loves a gentle and polite person – – Customer service representatives are most of the time treated very badly. So, whenever a polite customer comes their way, it’s a treat for ears and soul. So, no matter what, be very respectful while addressing your matter. 
  • Don’t be seduced by lucrative offers – Nobody would like to see a regularly paying customer going away, permanently.

See, the customer representative is not running the business. 

It is unlikely that the whole company is going to change their attitude toward you just because a representative has persuaded you to stay.

Don’t take the bait and get lost in the sale’s jargon. Just stick to your commitment and politely decline, whatever has been offered to you. 

  • Cross-check everything before hanging up – Don’t ever leave conversations over the phone on fate. Always cross-check that the representative clearly understood what you were talking about. And remember to be polite. 

How do I Cancel my Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum has the same cancellation process for all of its customers, irrespective of the product or service they have purchased.

So, whether it’s cable, internet, or any other Spectrum service, all you have to do is call them on 1-833-780-1880, and persuade their representative to cancel your subscription. As mentioned above.

Will I be charged any Fee on Canceling Spectrum?

While purchasing any service from Spectrum you don’t enter into a long-term commitment. So, you are not liable for their loss or obliged to pay any damages.

Though, as Spectrum has included, pro-rata credit clause in their agreement, you have to pay for the running billing cycle during which you canceled the Spectrum service.

 How do I Return my Spectrum Equipment?

So, as you are no longer a Spectrum customer, you are required to return the rented equipment from Spectrum.

Following are the Spectrum equipment that you probably have rented, from them:

  • HD and DVR receivers
  • Modems
  • Routers
  • WiFi gateway devices, which combine the modem and router in one
  • Spectrum Voice modems

Ways in which you can return the product:

  • Go to UPS– Go to the nearest UPS Store, and tell them that you had rented equipment from Spectrum, and now wish to return it. They will return the equipment to Spectrum for free.
  • Spectrum representative– You always have the option to leave the equipment with an employee of Spectrum.
  • FedEx  – FedEx it. 
  • Pick-Up Service from Spectrum – It is for disabled people only. If you are, then Spectrum will arrange a pick-up for you. 

Is There a Fee for Unreturned Items?

Yes, for every not returned equipment from Spectrum, you will be charged for negligence. 

Does the Spectrum Subscription Renew Each Month?

Yes! Spectrum subscription renews itself on auto-pilot mode. But, Spectrum cannot deduct any fee for the auto-renewed subscription if you have not turned on the Auto Pay option on your subscription account.