If you are not much of a hoarder or gift-er. Frequent delivery of POPSUGAR Must have boxes can get your place looking like a warehouse.

So, to less the clutter. You can keep the items that you would use frequently, and give away the items that you won’t be using.

And just cancel the POPSUGAR Must have subscription, until you actually have some space for more things in your life.

How to Cancel the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription via email?

Step 1: Compose an email.

Step 2: Subject the email, “Cancel My POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription”.

Step 3: Ask to cancel the membership before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

Step 4: Send the email to community@popsugar.com

How to Cancel the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription via Website?

Step 1: Log into your POPSUGAR Must Have account.

Step 2: Click on Subscriptions.

Step 3: Choose Details/Manage Subscriptions.

Step 4: Tap on Cancel This Subscription.

Step 5: Confirm the cancellation.

📺Why I’m Canceling My PopSugar Must Have Subscription

How to Cancel the POPSUGAR Must Have via phone?

Step 1: Dial  (415) 391-7576 via your cell phone.

Step 2: Ask the representative to cancel the subscription.

Step 3: Comply with all the details asked of you.