Onlyfans is a very different kind of social media platform.

The secrecy around the content of the creators makes it very attractive for the subscribers. 

But, whether you are a content creator or content consumer, there is a catch 22. The content that people really like to consume on the Onlyfans is mostly sexual.

So, if you are a content creator, and your product or content has nothing to do with sex, you are most likely to fail, irrespective of your value of content.

If you are a content consumer, then you should be mindful of the fact that it is very likely to get bored of the content creator very soon, and then buying a yearly subscription will be a waste.

And as you are here, you must have felt the catch 22 trap of Onlyfans, and want to get rid of the Onlyfans subscription.

How Can I unsubscribe from your OnlyFans creators?

Step 1: Open up the Onlyfans website or mobile app and log in to your account, providing the correct credentials.

Step 2: Now, look for the “Following” button and look for the profiles you want to unsubscribe from.

Step 3: Finally just turn off the Auto-renew options for all the subscriptions.

Note: This is the only way to unsubscribe or cancel the Onlyfans subscription. You have to manually toggle off the Auto-renew button for each profile that you have subscribed to.

An early subscription will not entitle you to any refund. But, you will have access to the content till the end of the running subscription.

How to delete OnlyFans account permanently?

Cancel Onlyfans account in 5 seconds. Onlyfans have made the account deletion process very smooth.

Step 1: Open up on your web browser, and log in to your account.

Step 2: Now, from the menu select, “Settings”

Step 3: Afterwards, select, “Account” from the left pane menu bar. 

Step 4: Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select DELETE ACCOUNT

Step 5: Pass the code test and click on the, “Delete Account” button.

Step 6:  Confirm the decision by clicking on, “Yes, Delete”, to finally cancel the Onlyfans subscription.

Note: OnlyFans will send you a confirmation email once your account is permanently deleted.

But, as you delete the account you will lose all the content that you produced or had access to, and none of it can be retrieved.

How to Delete OnlyFans profile by contacting Onlyfans Customer Support?

Step 1: Type an email to, with a subject line to, “Permanently Delete Onlyfans Account”.

Step 2: Provide all the details about your account, and ask them to delete the account asap.

Note: Deleting your account permanently on Onlyfans will mean deleting the subscriptions simultaneously. 

📺 Bonus Video: How Permanently Delete Only Fans Account

What happens when you delete your OnlyFans account?

  1. You lose any content saved or published by your account.
  2. All the active subscriptions are deleted automatically.
  3. And you cannot recover a deleted Onlyfans account.

How to recover your OnlyFans Account?

If you deleted your account, then 100% chances are that Onlyfans has deleted all the data related to your account and it cannot be retrieved.

But, if you believe that your account is deleted from the Onlyfans company for some misunderstanding, then you are required to do the following:

Step 1: Go to the contact page of the OnlyFans website, and fill out the form.

Step 2: Provide all the details related to your account name, email address, and issue you are facing in detail.

Step 3: The customer support of Onlyfans will reach you out by email and help you to resolve the issue asap.

I am a content creator on Onlyfans and I have money left in my account. Will I receive the money if I delete the account?

Onlyfans customer support is generally very helpful with queries related to pending payment and can resolve such issues asap. So, contact them by going to the contact page of the Onlyfans website or writing an email to

Important: As the deletion is permanent, you will lose any evidence claiming the money. So, it is always better to wait until the cash has been transferred to your account.