You can cancel your virgin mobile account by simply calling the company and working with an adviser. On the other hand, your account will expire automatically after a period of inactivity. In such a case, a Virgin rep cannot issue any refund or free minutes. Follow these steps to cancel your account:

  1. Call customer service at 1- 888- 322- 1122 and share your concern with the Virgin rep.
  1. Provide all the necessary information such as name and account pin.
  2. If you simply want to switch plans make sure to discuss your options beforehand so that your remaining minutes and balance can be transferred to this new account.

Canceling your Account by letting it expire

Since virgin plans have no contract, the company cancels accounts inactive for 120 days. So if you want to cancel your account by letting it expire don’t use much of your current plan and refrain from recharging your Virgin mobile.