Canceling mobile phone plans can be a tiring process. Not with T- mobile though. With T- mobile it can be as easy as calling customer care services and your work will be done. However, we advise you to consider every dimension carefully before canceling your plan. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Call 6-1-1 from a T- mobile and say cancel service at the voice prompt
  1. You would be connected to a representative who will ask some questions before cancelling your request

Points to consider before canceling your plan

Answering Cancellation questions

If you are canceling your T- mobile subscription, you might very likely be asked why do you want to cancel or is there any problem you’re facing. These questions are designed to provide a better customer experience

Retention efforts

T- mobile will try to retain you as a customer. Depending upon your answer to the questions asked, the representative might offer you discounts or other offers. If you change your mind the representative will make the changes immediately. If not, simply tell them to go ahead with the cancellation.