McAfee offers security solutions to help users protect their operating systems from cyber-attacks and malware. McAfee’s Antivirus Software is quite famous for year long subscriptions, regular updates and automatic renewals. However, you can also cancel your McAfee antivirus in no time. Following are the 3 ways how you can cancel your McAfee subscription in the easiest way possible.

Follow these steps to cancel your Mcafee Antivirus:

  1. You can cancel your ‘Mcafee Antivirus’ subscription by calling a McAfee service representative’ at (866) 622-3911.
  1. You can also cancel your antivirus via an online chat with a McAfee representative at
  1. Another way to cancel the subscription is by mailing the digital giant at 


Mcafee’s online responsive rate is towards the positive side. So, if you have all billing copies and details ready, you will be able to cancel your account hassle-free.