Synchrony Bank and Google have collaborated and created, “Google Store Financing”. Google Store Financing helps people to get fast finance assistance for Google products only.

You can buy phones, laptops, e-home devices, tablets, Google accessories, and much more from Google with the help of Google Store Financing. 

You will get to distribute your EMI upto 24 small installments, each month. Isn’t it great?

I know, it is just for Google products. And not all Google products have been the greatest. So, I understand if you want to cancel your Google Store Financing.

Just call the Synchrony Bank and ask them to cancel your Google Store Financing account, and they will assist you throughout the cancellation process.

Be mindful of the fact that you will be required to pay the debt in full as agreed while purchasing the product.

How to cancel Google Store Financing via phone?

  1. You are required to dial in 866-794-8802, to get in contact with the Synchrony Bank representative.
  2. Then ask the Bank’s representative to cancel the Google Store Financing.