Fortnite Crew subscription is a real deal if you want Spotify premium, 1000 V-bucks, Battle Pass, and Save The World access.

The graphics are surreal, the Skins are amazing, and you can continuously upgrade their weapons, looks, and skills.

But, the game can be a distraction if you are trying to improve upon some other skill, that you need more. So, let’s take a break from this indulging beast and cancel the subscription following the below methods.

How to unsubscribe from Fortnite Crew online?

Step 1: Navigate to on your web browser, and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on the cogwheel to open up the menu, and from the menu select “subscriptions”.

Step 3: Now, in front of you an option to cancel the subscription will appear, select it to cancel the subscription. 

Step 4: Clicking on cancel will commence the subscription cancelation process, all you need is to give desired response to the prompted queries.

How can I cancel my Fortnite subscription on Playstation?

In case you have purchased the Fortnite subscription via PS4 PlayStation, you are required to follow the following process to cancel the subscription. 

Step 1: Open up this web address in your web browser, and sign in to your Playstation Network.

Step 2: Then, through your account move to the “subscription management” section, and open up the Fortnite subscription details by clicking on the Fortnite subscription.

Step 3: Finally, turn off the Auto-Renew button to cancel the Fortnite Crew subscription.

How do I cancel my Fortnite subscription on Xbox?

Step 1: Directly, open up web address, and then sign in to their Microsoft account.

Step 2: Select subscription and services from the top of the page to open up the subscriptions list.

Step 3:Select the Fortnite subscription and click on “cancel subscription” to cancel the Fortnite subscription

Step 4: Obey the prompted queries before finally canceling the Fortnite Crew subscription.

How to cancel a Fortnite subscription on ANDROID? 

Step 1: Open up Google Play Store.

Step 2: Select the hamburger menu from the left top corner of our screen, and open up the slide-in menu.

Step 3: From the menu select the “Subscriptions option, to open up the list of subscriptions.

Step 4: Now, select Fortnite subscription from the list.

Step 5: Finally click on, “Cancel subscription” button to cancel the subscription, and follow the prompted queries before finally canceling the Fortnite subscription.