BJ’s has created a great business structure with subscription, for literary every utility that you can think of.

There are subscriptions for groceries, in-mobile shoppers, tires, eyeglass lenses, and much more. And if you are into purchasing subscriptions from retails stores, you have to keep in mind whether or not you are a frequent shopper for that utility.

Usually, the prices of subscriptions are so low that we don’t mind buying them. But, think for a while, purchasing a subscription for groceries is profitable probably, but buying a subscription for eyeglass lenses or tires is not worth it.

You are not gonna buy these commodities more than 2 or 3 times a year.

So, if you have purchased the wrong BJ’s subscription or are switching places and won’t be a frequent visitor to BJ’s, it will be safe to cancel the running Bj’s membership or subscription.

How Do I cancel BJ’s membership in person?

Step 1: Visit any BJ’s location and ask specifically for the “Member Services Desk”.

Step 2: Ask the person in charge to cancel your membership, and they will immediately cancel the subscription.

Important: Only the primary person, who signed up for the membership can cancel the subscription.

Refunds are subjected to the terms and conditions of BJ’s.

How Can I cancel BJ’s membership over the phone?

Step 1: Call the Membership Center of BJ’s at 800-BJS-CLUB (257-2582), between:

Monday-Friday, 9 AM-7 PM; Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM; and Sunday, 12 NOON-6 PM (all times are ET)

Step 2: Provide all the details asked of you and request them to politely cancel the membership.

How to cancel the BJ’s membership over mail?

Step 1: Write an application with all your details like:


Phone Number

The Membership plan you signed up for

Email Address

Your Address

Step 2: Send the application to this address:

Membership Control, Rte A5

BJ’s Wholesale Club

25 Research Drive

Westborough, MA 01581