If you’re a member of Audible and decided it’s time to end your subscription, there are numerous ways to cancel. Unfortunately, whether you use your computer or smartphone, there are issues you may encounter. This how to cancel Audible guide will show you everything you need to know to make it as painless as possible.

Cancelling Audible on Desktop

Through a desktop is the easiest way to go about canceling your Audible subscription, and requires the following five steps:

  1. Go to Audible.com
  2. Click on the “Account Details” page and go to the “View membership details” section
  3. Click the “cancel membership” button at the bottom
  4. You will then be prompted to complete a list of on-screen instructions
  5. Double-check that you canceled your subscription— you should shortly receive an automated confirmation email

Issues You Might Encounter

Audible is an affiliate of Amazon and not an independent company. If you have an Amazon account it will likely be connected to your Audible account. Because of this, when you cancel Audible your Amazon account may be affected too.

One customer reported that when she tried to cancel her Audible subscription, because her accounts were linked, it almost deleted her entire Amazon account. 

Cancelling Audible on an iPhone

You can also cancel your subscription on your smartphone if you don’t have access to a computer. This is a bit more complicated, as it requires more steps and it can be a challenge reading the small print from the screen of your phone. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open any browser on your smartphone 
  2. Go to Audible.com
  3. Sign in
  4. Tap the three stacked lines and choose “My Account” from the menu
  5. Tap “Membership Details” and scroll to the bottom of the page until you see cancel membership
  6. Tap cancel membership 
  7. A page will pop up that asks if you’d like to reconsider canceling your membership. Tap “Finish Canceling” at the bottom.
  1. Choose from the list of reason(s) you are canceling
  2. Tap “continue canceling” on the next screen
  3. If you’re successful, you will see another screen that reads “We’re sorry to see you go”
  1. Double-check that you canceled your subscription— you should shortly receive an automated confirmation email

Issues You Might Encounter

Canceling your Audible subscription on a smartphone requires a handful of extra steps, and because of this can be difficult to navigate. Some customers have found themselves directed to blank pages when selecting their reasons to cancel and ultimately left unable to complete the cancellation process. Others have ended up only suspending their account when they intended to cancel it entirely and in return Audible charges them another month.

Still Having Issues? Avoid the Headache with this Solution

Though seemingly simple, the steps to cancel your Audible subscription can be tedious and lengthy, and it’s important to ensure your cancellation goes through so that you don’t continue getting billed each month. 

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