Apple One is the umbrella that covers a lot of subscription services from Apple.

But, do we use all the services bought under Apple One. No!

So, just save some bucks by canceling the Apple One subscription, and buying the subscription that you actually need. To cancel the subscription follow the given below guide.

How to sign up for Apple One On a Mac?

Step 1: Look for the Apple logo near the left top corner on your screen, and select it.

Step 2: Select, “System Preferences”.

Step 3: Afterward, select, “Software Update”. And hit, ”Update Now”.

Step 4: Once your system is updated, go back to “ System Preferences”.

Step 5: Click, ”Apple ID”.

Step 6: Next. select, “Media and Purchases”.

Step 7: Opt, “Manage”, next to, “Subscriptions”.

Step 8: Select, the “Try It Now” option, for “AppleOne”.

Step 9: Select your plan to try Apple One services.

Step 10: Hit, ”Start free trial”.

Step 11: Lastly, hit, the “Subscribe” button in the pop-up. Provide your Apple ID password when prompted. 

Note: You will receive the bill for all the bundled subscriptions under Apple One together.

How to cancel the Apple One on a Mac?

Step 1: First of all, head to the Music app on your device.

Step 2: Then, select the “Account” option from the above menu bar to open up another drop-down menu. From this menu select, “View My Account…”

Step 3: Select, “Subscriptions” under the “Settings” section.

Step 4: Select, the “Manage” option, next to the “Subscriptions.”

Step 5: A list of subscriptions will open up on your screen. Look for “AppleOne”, and select, the “Edit” option next to it.

Step 6: Click, “Cancel Subscription.”

Step 7: Select the subscriptions that you would like to keep.

Step 8: Hit, the “Cancel Apple One” button.

How to cancel Apple One on an iPhone or iPad?

Step 1: Open up the Settings app on your device, and click on your Apple ID.

Step 2: Select “Subscriptions.”

Step 3: A list of all subscriptions will open up on your screen. Select, “AppleOne.”

Step 4: Select, “Cancel Apple One”.

Step 5: Select the subscription you want to keep and hit, “Cancel Apple One.”