In a closed room, going on a cutthroat adventure with strangers, from around the world, is a life on its own.

But, during exams, jobs, parenthood, and life in usual, getting any action out of your Xbox live subscription, can get a lot more challenging than ever anticipated.

You can think of sparing some time apart, and have a go on your Xbox Live, like the good old days.

But, something will catch up with you, or you will eventually prioritize something else over Xbox. 

Yeah, unimaginable times!

And, there’s nothing smart about burning a hole in your pocket, for something that you won’t even play for a while. 

The only smart thing to do is to delete your Xbox live subscription and buy it later when you can actually get some action out of it.

How to Cancel Your Xbox Live Subscription?

Step 1: Open up the Xbox official website, And log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture, which you will find at the top right corner of your screen, to launch a drop-down menu.

Xbox Website user account icon

Step 3: Now, you will see that, by the side of the drop-down menu, there are three little dots, click on these three dots, to reach the account subscriptions page.

Xbox Website Subscriptions Link

Step 4: Now, on the account subscription page, you will find a clickable link named, “Manage”. Click on it to open the “Account Manage” page.

Manage an Xbox Live subscription

Step 5: On this page, you can see your Xbox Live membership details.

Alongside the Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass, you will find another clickable link, “Cancel subscription”. Click on it, to cancel the subscription.

Cancel an Xbox Subscription

Step 6: If you are Xbox Live Gold members, you will get an immediate exit from the subscription, while others will be prompted to follow a few more steps before they cancel the subscription. 

In the end, you all will need to confirm, by clicking the “Confirm” button on the message, “You’ll lose access to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription on so and so date”.

Confirm Xbox Live cancellation

How to Turn off Recurring Billing for Xbox live?

What does stopping recurring billing entail? 

Well, if you opt for turning off the recurring billing, then, after the end of the current billing cycle for your Xbox Live subscription, you will not be charged for the next billing cycle.

Your paid account will be converted to a free account until you decide to convert it back. 

This way you will never lose your account and can preserve it without investing a dime.

Step 1: Using your Microsoft account, log in to the Xbox official website and tap on your profile picture, visible at the top right corner of your screen, to open up the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on the three dots, appearing beside the drop-down menu, and go to the account management page.

Step 3: Now click on the “Manage” to open up the details of your subscription.

Step 4: Here, next to the payment settings, you will find an option, “Change”. Click on it.

Step 5: Clicking on this option, a drop-down menu will appear with two more options to choose from:

  1. Switch Plans
  2. Turn off recurring billing

Select, “Turn off recurring billing” to stop the recurring billing.

Step 6: On further prompt to confirm your decision of turning off your recurring payment for your account, click on, “Confirm”.

How to permanently delete your Xbox account?

Are you feeling like an Xbox addict? 

Cannot stop playing at all? Even in your tense, but pretentious zoom meeting, you cannot stop yourself from having a go at your game.

This can cost you a lot of things, and completely butcher you at game-work-life balance.

To keep yourself, and your family from fighting a thousand times a day, you might need to cancel your account on Microsoft.

I know, you might not have such a dark reason to cancel your account. 

Whatever it is mate, welcome to the club.

Step 1: Open  on your web browser. It is a direct link to Microsoft’s Close your account page.

Step 2: Then, you will be required to sign in to your account.

Step 3: Now, as Microsoft understands the value of losing a valuable user, it will ask you to answer a series of questions, to bore you to death. Answer them as prompted.

Step 4: Lastly, click on “Mark account for closure” to close your account.

Important: Microsoft will not delete your account until a threshold of 60 days is passed.