Experiencing buyer’s remorse? Find something better and now you need to cancel an eBay order? The good news is it doesn’t matter if you purchased your item through ‘Buy It Now’ or an auction— the steps are the same. With that said, canceling an eBay order is dependent on how recently you made the purchase. 

Canceling An eBay Order Made Within the Last Hour

eBay has a one-hour cancellation window in which you can cancel your order independently, as long as the seller has not already processed and shipped your order. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “My eBay” 
  2. Click on “Purchase History” and locate the order
  1. Click on the “More actions” menu, which should appear as a drop-down next to the item.
  1. Select “Cancel order”
  1. Click “Submit”

After you submit the cancellation request, it’ll be forwarded to the seller to double-check that the order has not yet been mailed. Once the seller confirms, you should receive two things:

  1. A cancellation email sent to your email address
  2. A confirmation under “Messages” on your eBay account

In cases where the seller has shipped the item within one hour, you’ll have to contact the seller directly. This is more likely to happen if you pay for the item immediately. Unfortunately, the seller can delay the refund for up to 10 days. After that period, if you still have not been issued a refund, you can take further action via eBay’s Buyer Protection Program.

Customer Experience

In theory, eBay’s one-hour cancellation window should ensure efficiency and less hassle, however, there are some other problems you might encounter. For example; one buyer couldn’t cancel their order within the hour due to a PayPal case being open for it. They then had to go through excruciating waits for the customer service departments of both PayPal and eBay to resolve the issue.

Canceling an eBay Order Made More Than an Hour Ago

To start the cancellation process for orders made over an hour ago, you’ll need to contact the seller directly. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click on “My Ebay”
  2. Click on “Purchase History” and locate the order
  3. Click on the “More actions” menu, which should appear as a drop-down next to the item, and select “Contact Seller”
  1. Select “Request to cancel this order”
  1. Write the reason for cancellation and click “Send” to submit the message to the seller
  2. Save a copy of the message until you receive confirmation of the cancellation

After the message is sent, the seller will have three days to respond. Remember, the seller is not obligated to cancel the purchase.

Important Information You Should Know

While canceling your eBay order may seem straightforward, there are stipulations to keep in mind:

  • Bulk Orders: You can’t cancel singular items within a bulk order. This means that if you ordered multiple items and only want to cancel one, you’ll need to cancel the entire order.
  • Filing a Dispute: Although in certain situations, eBay’s resolution center can be helpful, if your aim is to cancel your order ASAP, try to avoid filing a dispute. By filing a dispute, you lose the option of canceling your order with the step above and instead commit yourself to a lengthy dispute process via the resolution center, which involves several days of back-and-forth between yourself, the seller, and eBay.
  • Too many cancellations: Canceling multiple orders or failing to cancel and not paying can potentially suspend your eBay buying privileges.

Avoid the Stress

Contacting the seller, arranging for the refund, and ensuring your account is unscathed can be a tiresome and stressful process, especially when attempting to cancel within 60 minutes. That’s why relying on experts to streamline the process is the answer.

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