Scam calls freak most people. We all want to block them even before they ring our phones. It seems T-mobile has found a way to empower customers to do exactly that.

T-Mobile customers can block scam calls with the help of the T-mobile scam shield app. This app is available for iPhone and Android. The perks are not limited to the blocking part only, with this app users can enable caller ID, view blocked calls, and directly send calls to voicemail.

Here’s how you can enable the spam block option

  1. Download the ‘T-Mobile DIGITS’ app  
  1. sign in to your account
  2. Tap the turn on button on the spam block pane. 

This would enable T- mobile to block scam calls at the network level before you receive them on your phone. However, you run a risk of missing an important call that might be marked spam. This is a huge issue with business calls. You can always check your blocked calls under the ‘call-log’ section.

Another way to ensure the same is by adding certain numbers to the favorite section. No phone ever can block numbers marked favorite by users.