Amazon is everyone’s go-to marketplace to buy almost everything, from apparel to books and groceries. If you place an order on Amazon in a hurry, you may want to amend it later. However, once the order is confirmed, you may not be able to add any products to your existing order directly. However, there are some lesser-known ways to do exactly that! 

Here’s a guide on how to add any products to an existing Amazon order: 

1.Open Amazon in your browser.

2. Select the item you intend to purchase.

3.Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ option.

4.Now that you have placed your order in cart, hover over to the home option to add more items. 

5. Repeat the same process till you have added all the products you need. 

6. Place your order. You can check your placed order under ‘Order and History’

7. View your placed orders in the order history.

8. Now tap the “Want to combine orders?” button (This button is only available in case you have two or more open orders in your cart that are eligible to be combined. However, you may not be able to do so once you previous order had already been shipped)

10. Review your order and fill in your information about payments and shipping information.

11. Click on the ‘place your order and pay’.