Adding Products to Shopify is as easy as shopping for them. Once you add new products to your Shopify store, it is important that you add all necessary information that a buyer may need to purchase your item. Mention all specifications, details and photos of the product beforehand to enhance customer experience. 

Follow these simple steps to get started. 

  1. Login into your Shopify Account at 
  1. Head over to ‘Products Section’ and Add products you wish to enlist.

3.Add required product Details.

  (Ex- Description, Type, Product title, Vendor )

4. Then, Add Inventory and Variants. (Price, S.K.U, Shipping Option, Weight.)

5.After enlisting all necessary details, make sure to add image to your product. 

6. Tap “Add to Collection” and “Add Tags”.

7. Add MetaData for your product. 

8. Save your Product Details. You can view them at “Visit the Shopify App Store” option under your profile section. 

9. Your product is ready to view.