Sling TV is a TV subscription service offered by Dish. It allows you to add channels to your TV guide as long as you continue with your subscription. 

Here’s how you can add channels to Sling:

  1. Visit “My TV page” in the app. It appears when you switch on your TV or open the Sling app
  1. Navigate to “Add premium TV and more” header. This will show you a list of the channels you’re not subscribed to
  1. Select the channels you want to add
  1. Click on “Add.” This will show you details of the selected channels including price and additional info. 
  1. Click on “Purchase.” You will see a message pop up with the total amount to be paid. In case you’re purchasing more than one channel, the amount will be automatically updated before checking out. 
  1. Click on “Got it.” You might receive a notification from Sling TV asking you to restart the application. Tap “Ok”

Adding a channel to the favourites list

  1. Visit “My TV” page in the app
  1. Under the my channels header, select “Add”
  1. Select the channels you want to add under the “My Favourites” section