As Zoom’s popularity grows exponentially, there are more and more ways to leverage Zoom. You can use it for business meetings, chatting with friends, live classes, or just about any other type of virtual meeting.

One of the most pressing needs that has arisen from these various use cases, is the ability to type or draw something up in the middle of a meeting. That’s where Zoom’s Whiteboard feature comes in to play. In the same way that teachers use a whiteboard to help their presentation in the real world, you can now do the same thing over a virtual meeting!

If you’re a participant in a Zoom meeting, you will need to have screen sharing permissions before you can use Whiteboard. However, if you’re a Zoom host, you can use white board any time you’d like.

Follow the instructions below if you’re ready to start using Whiteboard!

  1. Launch your Zoom Meeting
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  1. Click “Share Screen” at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Click “Whiteboard”

  1. Use the ToolBar to text, draw, use symbols, highlight, erase, or change formatting options like font size or color.