Unfortunately, users cannot cancel their U-Verse service online. The simplest way to cancel U-Verse is to call an AT&T rep and go through the process step-by-step. 

  1. To cancel your U-Verse service, call AT&T’s cancellation line at 800-288-2020. Remember to keep account information handy before you call. 
  2. You can find your account number at the top of the U-Verse bill. Keep the most recent bill nearby because the rep might ask about the services within your U-Verse bundle. 
Source: WikiHow
  1. AT&T will verify your identity and personal contact information as well.  

The AT&T reps will try their best to keep your service. This includes many promotional offers and discounts (which may require signing a new U-Verse contract). If you really want to cancel, reject all the offers.

Returning Equipment

After completing the cancellation process, you’ll receive a verification letter confirming that you have canceled U-Verse and asking you to return all equipment, including the router and DVR. The letter will also describe the equipment you need to ship back, the shipping address, and the due date to pay for U-Verse service.