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How To Turn Subtitles On Or Off On A Hisense Smart TV

How To Turn Subtitles On Or Off On A Hisense Smart TV

With subtitles we have love-hate relationships. We need them to understand the shows, and we want them gone to actually concentrate on the scene. I mean, when some one is killing I want to feel like……….. the man in the scene. Ah, whatever. Lets come to the point, if you have the Hisense TV and you want to learn how to turn off and turn on the subtitles on the TV, read the guide ahead: How to Turn Subtitles On Hisense TV? Step 1: Pick up your Hisense TV remote. Step 2: Press the “Subtitle” button on the remote. Step 3: A message will pop up for “Subtitle.” Select the “On” option by the arrow buttons. Note: Following the same process you can also switch off the subtitles. Just at the end of the above process, pick, “Off”. How to Change the Language of the Subtitles? Step 1: Press the “Quick menu”button on your remote, just below the red line. Step 2: Head to “Settings” and press “OK”. Step 3: Scroll to “System” and press “OK”. Step 4: Head to the  “Language and Location” section and press “OK”. Step 5: Then, move to the “Primary Subtitle” section, and press “OK.” Step 6: Pick the language for the subtitle, and press “OK”. Step 7: Press the “Exit”. And watch your show with subtitles. How to turn off Subtitles? Step 1: Pick up your Hisense TV remote. Step 2: Press the “Subtitle”on your remote. Step 3: Select “Off”. How to Turn Subtitles On and Off in Netflix on a Hisense TV? Step 1: Select, “Netflix”, on Hisense TV. Step 2: Play your show for which you want to change the subtitles. Step 3: Head to the options panel. Step 4: Select, “Audio & Subtitles” via the arrow keys on the remote. Step 5: Pick your language. Step 6: Select “Play”. 📺 Turn Talk Back (Screen Reader, Voice Guidance) ON/OFF on Hisense Android TV How to turn off subtitles for Netflix? Step 1: Open up the Netflix app on Hisense TV. Step 2: Play the show for which you wanna switch off the subtitles. Step 3: Push the “Up” or “Down” on your remote to push the dialogue button. Step 4: Select, “Off”.And watch your thing. Source: https://www.hisense-usa.com/tv-accessibility-features#:~:text=Closed%20Caption&text=Closed%20captions%20can%20be%20turned,CC%20button%20on%20the%20remote.
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