How to Cancel Harry’s subscription?

How to Cancel Harry’s subscription?

Right now, dense beards are a HOT sensation on Instagram! Well, who wouldn’t love a raunchy man? I mean, just before Covid-19, everyone was maintaining a clean face, with professional outfits, but now the BEARDS and BICEPS combination is ripping apart the boring men’s fashion. But, if you have been maintaining a clean face for ages and have recently decided to grow a beard, you might find it hard to style the early growth of your facial hair and feel a strong itch to shave off. So, you need to cancel your Harry’s shave subscription and commit to your new HOT look! Believe us, there is nothing more attractive than a guy with a maintained beard. How To Cancel Harry’s subscription via Website? Harry’s has made it very easy for its customers to cancel their subscriptions. To cancel the subscription, just follow the following steps: Step 1: Open Harry’s website on your web browser. Step 2: Log in to your account. Step 3: Now, near the bottom of the right side of your screen you will find, the “Cancel Plan” button to cancel. Step 4: After clicking on the “Cancel Plan”, you will be prompted to select the reason that made you cancel Harry’s subscription. Select whatever you fill the best. And give your final confirmation. How To Cancel Harry’s subscription Over the Phone? Step 1: Call Harry’s customer service on; 888-212-6855, between10:00am to 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri, GMT. Step 2: Tell Harry’s representative that you no longer wish to continue Harry’s subscription, and if asked, explain your decision. Always remember to provide your account details and cross-check them with the representative to avoid any confusion How To Cancel Harry’s subscription via Email? If you are unable to reach them via phone or wish to write an explicit email to point out some suggestion or other matters you are concerned with, emails can be a great medium for you. Step 1: Compose an email to help@harrys.com  with the subject line, “Subscription Cancelling Request”. Step 2: Include all of your account details, and a screenshot, if required. Step 3: Explain in brief why you would like to cancel your subscription and request them to execute it before the commencement of the next billing cycle. Mention the dates of your billing cycle in the email. Step 4: Wait for their reply and do as instructed.
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