How to Cancel Grammarly subscription?

How to Cancel Grammarly subscription?

Is Grammarly the Right Tool for you? Surely not, if you have stumbled upon this article, searching for ways to cancel the Grammarly subscription. Well, Grammarly is a decent tool, if your English is decent too, and you just need assistance with the: PunctuationsSpellingsSynonyms to complex phrases But, often the Grammarly will red mark your entire sentences or paragraphs without providing an alternative, which can be annoying, and totally un-useful when you are working on a deadline. And then Grammarly is also a machine, so it does not appreciate human nuances (like Heya, Loooong, Dis world….)  introduced in the article and can ruin your creativity. So, if you can afford other expensive or alternative Writing-Assistant-tools to Grammarly, go for it. No harm in experimenting. Meanwhile, read ahead to find more suitable ways to delete your existing Grammarly subscription. How to cancel Grammarly via email? Email is a very convenient medium to request any company to provide support as you can write lengths about your issues and can attach documents to strengthen your case. Well, Grammarly cancellation is super butter, so you won’t be required to write long essays, but be very clear and accurate in providing your account details. 1.Compose an email to Grammarly at, with the subject line, “Cancel Grammarly Premium Subscription”. 2.Provide all the details related to your account and ask them to send confirmation Grammarly premium subscription. How to cancel Grammarly via phone? Dial (888) 318-6146 to contact the Grammarly representative.Ask them to cancel your subscription, and if you are asked to fulfill any action or provide any detail, please do so with patience. How to cancel Grammarly Premium subscription online? 1.Directly head to the Grammarly website on your web browser and log in to your account. Make sure that you are logging in to your Grammarly premium account. 2.After logging in to your account, open the account section, here you will find, “Subscription”. Click on it to open the subscription. 3.Now, you will see a clickable link, “Cancel Subscription”, click on it to cancel the subscription. 4.Finally answer the prompted queries as a survey, asking you to pick a reason behind canceling your Grammarly subscription, before canceling it permanently. Note: Cancelling the subscription will demote you to the free plan of Grammarly. 📺 Videon on how to cancel Grammarly subscription: Source:
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