It can be really frustrating when you want to have a video call and have done everything by the book, yet you are getting, “No Camera Found” on your screen, again and again.

And that too when you are switching thousands of video call apps all the time.

We have found 4 solutions that will help you out 100% in getting this issue resolved.

Solution 1: Check whether you have connected your camera properly

Step 1: Click the Window key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Look for “Camera” in the search box, and opt for the first result.

Step 3: Here, if you have connected your camera properly, you should see the video feed on your desktop. If you cannot see, a message stating that “Camera cannot be found” (a different message for different devices) will appear on your screen.

Try disconnecting and then reattaching your cam.

Solution 2: Update your System.

If you have done everything right yet your computer does not recognize your camera, you probably need a driver update. Follow the given below steps to do so:

Step 1: Click the Windo key on your keyboard and look for the “Device Manager” in the search.

Step 2: Opt for the first default result.

Step 3: A list of devices will open up in front of you. Here., look for, “Camera” and right-click on it to open up an overflow menu. From the menu select, the “Update driver” option.

Solution 3: Check your Google Meet settings.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Meet account.

Step 2: Initiate a Video Call.

Step 3: Select the cogwheel icon from the top-right corner to open up the settings page.

Step 4: Here, If you find the, “No Camera Found” message flashing on the screen. Click on the arrow falling downwards to open up an overflow menu, and select your cam from the menu.

Step 5: Hit, “Done”.

Solution 4: Give permission to Google Meet to access your camera

Step 1: Oen up Google on your device.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot to open up an overflow menu on the screen.

Step 3: From the menu select, “ Settings”.

Step 4: Select, “Privacy and Security” < ”Site Settings”.

Step 5: Under the permission section, you will find the Camera. Click on it to open up a list of websites. Make sure that Google Meet isn’t blocked.

Parting Words-

It can be really irritating when you have only 5 minutes left and you cannot figure out why your Google Meet isn’t working. So, make sure that you are using your camera on other apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom….

Also try restarting, and not using thousands of windows all at the same time to make sure you have the bandwidth to use a camera in the first place. I hope this article will be very helpful to you.