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How to share your screen on Google meet

If there is a presentation you want to give or just some statistics you want to present on Google Meet, you can do so by sharing your screen with other participants. Google meet puts this option under the banner “present now.” Here’s how you can do this for Google meet: How to share your screen on Google meet In case you’re using Chrome, you can share any chrome tab or any app window on your screen.  Similarly, if you’re using Firefox, you can mirror your entire screen or app window. But, Safari or Mac are limited to sharing your screen only. We’ll be using Google Chrome in this article as it covers all three.  To share your screen at any given point, tap on “present now” at the bottom toolbar.  Source: HowToGeek Tap “your entire screen.” In the next menu select the screen that you want to share. Source: HowToGeek  If you are using multiple screens it will appear here. Click on share. Google meet will start sharing your screen. If you want to share a window, tap on “A Window” from the “present now” menu. You’ll see all the running windows.  Source: HowToGeek Select the window that you want to share and then click Share. If you want to share a website choose the “a chrome tab” option. You’ll see all the running tabs. Select the one you want to share and click share. If you don’t want to share the audio uncheck the share audio option. That’s it. You’re done.  Source: HowToGeek
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How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet

Google meet is a popular video conferencing app. Like Zoom, Google Meet also offers preloaded virtual backgrounds, in case you feel embarrassed about your local background. You can also upload your own backgrounds to use them. This feature might not be available on the Google meet app. Here’s how you can use Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet: How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet Launch your Google meet and join (or start) your meeting. Source: Business Insider  Now tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom right screen. Select change background from this menu. The menu will shift to the right of your screen.  Source: Business Insider You’ll be able to see all the backgrounds available for you to select from. At the top you will see the blurring options followed by other options. However, if you want to use your own background click on the + icon. Source: Business Insider  A file manager window will open on your screen. Select the photo from your computer. Close the background menu by tapping on the cross icon at the top right corner. You’re done!
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How to mute participants on Google Meet

It can be difficult to conduct online meetings if all the participants express their views at the same time on the call. To avoid chaos, you can mute everyone except the person who is speaking. It has implications though. Anyone can mute anyone, but it will notify everybody. If you still want to go ahead, here’s how you can do this on Google meet: How to mute people on Google Meet The procedure for muting someone is similar for Android, Ipad, Mac, and PC. Click the people icon at the top right of the screen.  Source: HowToGeek A list of all participants will open on the right side of your screen. Click on the name of the person you want to mute.  Source: HowToGeek Three icons will appear below the person’s name. Tap on the mic icon at the middle.  Source: HowToGeek A warning will appear on your screen that nobody will be able to hear this person and they’re the only once who could unmute themselves. If you want to go ahead click on mute.  Source: HowToGeek That’s it, you are done!
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