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How to Cancel Google Fi Subscription? [2022 Guide]

How to Cancel Google Fi Subscription? [2022 Guide]

Google Fi is subjective. It might be getting your neighbor to be live on all the social media platforms 24X7, while making you kneel to even get a call connected. It is always a gamble. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t you cannot do much about it, without buying expensive data packages and devices. So, if it is not working for you, you can always cancel, transfer your number to another carrier, and try other products available in the market. How to cancel Google Fi via a website? Step 1: Visit, Google Fi website or app on your device, and sign into your account. Step 2:  Select the “Account” tab. Step 3:  Select, “Manage plan.” Step 4:  Select the “Leave plan” option, if you are leaving a group plan. Otherwise, select “Cancel service.” Step 5: Finally, follow the prompts to transfer your number to another provider, or relinquishing it. 📺Bonus Video: Google Fi Explained How to Cancel Project Fi via Phone? Step 1: Pick up your phone, and dial 1-844-TALK-2-FI. Step 2: Ask the representative to cancel the Project Fi subscription. 📺 Bonus Video: Why I CANCELLED MY GOOGLE FI! 😱😱😱 Can You Pause Your Project Fi Account Temporarily? Step 1: Visit the Google Fi website or the app, on your device. And log into your account. Step 2: Select Your Plan ,and click on Manage Plan Step 3: Select Pause Service Step 4: Confirm Note: Your number does not get deactivated, when you pause your Google -Fi subscription. But, you will no longer have access to domestic calls, texting, data, or any kind of international services. How to un pause the Google Fi subscription? Step 1: Open up the website, or app on your device. Step 2: Select Resume service, and un pause your Google Fi subscription. Source: How does one cancel Google Fi? Do you call them over the phone? from GoogleFi
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