There are so many complaints on the BBB platform from the Goglia Nutrition consumers for being charged 228$ when the website showed 38$ for purchasing the subscription, binding people in a year commitment.

And as the charge of 228$ is automatically deducted, no refund is issued.

The complete plan of Goglia nutrition is based on your will power to exercise and eat right. This is something that you can do for free, following the YouTube gurus or some other free apps on the App store/Google Play store.

To cancel the Goglia subscription follow the given below guide:

How to Cancel Goglia Nutrition Plans via the Website?

Step 1: Visit the G-Plans website.

Step 2: Head to “Settings”.

Step 3: Go to, “Your Membership” section

Step 4: Select, “Cancel Account”.

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How to Cancel Goglia Nutrition on the App Store?

Step 1: Open up the Settings app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Select, “iTunes & App Store”.

Step 3: Select, “Apple ID”  <  “view Apple ID”.

Step 4: Select, “Subscriptions”.

Step 5: Select Goglia Nutrition subscription.

Step 6: Follow the prompts.

How to Cancel Goglia Nutrition on the Google Play Store?

Step 1: Open up the Google Play Store. Select, “Menu” < “Subscriptions”.

Step 2: Select, “Goglia Nutrition”.

Step 3: Select, “Cancel Subscription”.

Step 4: Follow the prompts to complete the subscription cancellation.