How to Cancel Freshly [2 Minute Guide]

How to Cancel Freshly [2 Minute Guide]

It is a rare luxury to have any subscription for life. For example, as of right now, life might be inspiring you to grow your vegetables, or you are feeling motivated to travel the world, or Freshly is behaving like a Diva and failing to cater to your needs. Whatever the reason may be, fate has called the card once again, and you must cancel your Freshly subscription. So, without adding more to the climax, let us tell you all the possible ways to get rid of your subscription. How to Cancel Freshly Using the iOS App? Only the iOS users can cancel the Freshly subscription via following this method, for the Android users will have to cancel the subscription via the Freshly website. Step 1:  First of all, launch “Settings’ ‘ on your Apple Device. Step 2: Then click on your profile pic of your Apple account, which can be seen at the top bar of your Apple device. Step 3:  Now, the Apple ID page will appear on the screen. On this page you will find, “subscriptions”, click on it to launch a list consisting of all the subscriptions. Step 4: From the list of subscriptions, select “Freshly”. Step 5:  After selecting the “Freshly” subscription, you will be able to see all the details of the subscription. And below the description of the subscription, you will find the button,” Cancel Subscription”, click it to cancel the Freshly subscription. Step 6: Clicking on, “Cancel Subscription”, will trigger a pop up  with two options: Not nowConfirm Here, select, “Confirm” to cancel the Freshly subscription. How To Cancel Freshly on the Company’s Website? Step 1: Open up the Freshly website on your web browser, and log in to your account. Step 2: Now, you will find, the “Settings” button on your screen, click to open further management options. Step 3: Clicking on, “settings” will open all the subscription management options in front of you. Among all the options, you will find, “ Cancel Subscription”. Click it to cancel the Freshly Subscription. Step 4: Then, you will be prompted to provide a reason behind your decision to cancel the Freshly subscription. Give an adequate reason for your choice, and then confirm your decision to part your ways. Note: You will receive a confirmation email from Freshly regarding the completion of your Freshly subscription cancelation process, and whether you are eligible for any refund. How to cancel the Freshly subscription Over Email? Step 1: Write an email to with the subject line, “Subscription Cancellation Request”. Step 2: Within the email, provide all the details regarding your account and ask them to cancel your subscription before the date of the next billing cycle. Note: If you are looking for, “ How to cancel Freshly subscription over the phone?”, you can call them at 18443737459, and ask them to Cancel Your Fresh Subscription.
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